Our Families
We are promoting awareness and raising funds for every child that has been treated at Nationwide Children’s and every family that is supported by Children’s Miracle Network. However, OTTERTHON has our own miracle families that we represent. These families share their personal stories with us and in turn, we give them our personal love, support and hope.

OTTERTHON is meant to be a rewarding experience that becomes an annual tradition away from hospital life. We believe that connecting families with dancers and teams is important so our Miracle Kids know that no child fights alone. Above all else, our mission is for families to end the OTTERTHON experience with a newfound network of support and friendship.

Our families are why we do what we do. FOR THE KIDS.

Our Heroes- Miracle Kids

  1. Rayne- OTTERTHON
    Hi! My name is Rayne. I like to play basketball and to rap. I’m 11 years old. I like to dab. SKRT SKRT
  2. Tarissa- OTTERTHON
    Hi my name is Tarissa my friends call me "Taris" or "TT". I am 12 years old and have a twin brother. I am very weird, I like to sing, and talk a lot. My favorite things to do are draw, write, and sleep. I'm too cool for ya!
  3. James- OTTERTHON
    James is an 9 year old who is full of spunk! He has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He has a brother and a sister and LOVES the Ohio State Buckeyes!
  4. Makaila- OTTERTHON
    Makaila is a spunky 9 year old with Spinal Bifida. She absolutely loves DISNEY and loves to sing. Her favorite colors are pink and anything with GLITTER!