Be more than a Dancer. Join the OTTERTHON leadership team
  1. Help us make more miracles happen.
    Help us make more miracles happen.
Join a subcommittee
There are many ways to get involved with OTTERTHON and we are always looking for more help. Sign up for a subcommittee today! Learn about each subcommittee below.
As a morale subcommittee member you will be working during the night of the Dance Marathon to keep spirits high and keep people pumped and focused on the reason why we dance THE KIDS! As a subcommittee member you will also attend dance rehearsals in advance to learn our much anticipated morale dance for the year! This dance will keep our dancers on their toes and maintain fun at the Dance Marathon!  
Catering and Donations​​
As a member of the Catering and Donations subcommittee you will have the opportunity to gain professional experience dealing with both small and large businesses. As a part of this subcommittee you will be responsible for day-of Dance Marathon communications with donors, day- of pick-up/transport of catered goods, and maintaining a positive professional relationship with all of our donors.
The events subcommittee is in charge of all awareness and social events related to OTTERTHON. Subcommittee members will assist with planning these events, brainstorming ideas, creating partnerships with other organizations on campus and in the community, and executing the event by assisting in event logistics. Joining this subcommittee is a great way to make connections with people in the community, learn valuable event planning skills, and see your work come to life as you help organize OTTERTHON’s 9-hour Dance Marathon and see the results first hand at the big reveal.
Family and Hospital Relations
The family and hospital relations committee works closely with the families and kids as well as keeping in direct contact with Nationwide Children's Hospital. As a subcommittee member, you will help family nights, events that we have throughout the year for the families to come and get to know both the executive board and the students at Otterbein.ox a settings menu will appear. 
As a fundraising subcommittee member you will work closely with the fundraising directors to raise money and spread awareness about the organization. You will work hand in hand with directors to create and  attend fundraising events throughout the year.  
Marketing and Communications
As a Marketing and Communications subcommittee member we are looking for those who are passionate and excited. You need to be willing to talk to people and get others engaged. If you have video making experience, writing skills, or knowledge about strategic communications that would be ideal. Even if you are not as familiar with these things the most important thing is that this subcommittee is filled with people who work hard and believe in FTK. 
Membership and Recruitment
As a subcommittee member of the Membership and Recruitment director you will work closely with students around campus, recruiting dancers for the event. OTTERTHON works hard to raise money for the kids at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and to end out effort in a 9 hour dance marathon.. But you can’t have a dance marathon without dancers!