What to Wear:

People go all out to celebrate OTTERTHON’s achievements. Dress like you are going to a party, because you are! Many dancers dress as fun and colorful as they can For The Kids, so feel free to wear bright crazy outfits, accessories, and even tutus! Crazy hats, socks, fanny packs, shirts, tights, and whatever else you can think of are highly encouraged.

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and clothes as you will be on your feet for 10 hours straight. Athletic apparel is appropriate for many activities at the event.

Come Prepared! What to Bring:

What Not To Bring
  • Valuables
  • Tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or any illegal substances
  • Caffeine
  • There will be NO caffeine of any kind permitted or available throughout the marathon, as a tradition at Dance Marathon. Many of the patients supported by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals can’t consume caffeine while undergoing treatment, so by going without caffeine as dancers we are supporting them!